Supercell ID changes to make your account safer!

Supercell ID changes to make your account safer!

Changing Your SCID Email Address

When you change the email address associated with your SCID account, you will need to enter a confirmation code that gets sent to the current registered email address.
The awesome part of this feature is that changing your registered email address will update all of our games attached to your Supercell ID.

New Account Protection Feature

A new security feature is now added to your SCID account. Enabling this feature allows you to safeguard your account from being recovered or “phished” by malicious parties. How the Account Protection feature secures your account is by requiring anyone recovering your account to provide codes only you can receive to your phone or your recovery codes.

Enabling Account Protection

In order to use the new Account Protection feature, you will require:

  • A working phone number you can access and can receive SMS messages.
  • A backup safe place for you to save additional backup recovery codes if you lose access to your phone or lose the phone itself.

You can enable the Account Protection feature in-game under Settings and then tapping “Supercell ID”. The on-screen instructions will walk you through the process to enable the protection feature. Once Account Protection is enabled, it cannot be disabled.

Backup Recovery Codes

What do you do if you lose access to the phone number registered to your SCID account? We know changing your mobile device is a part of life, whether being accidentally damaged, left on the bus, or you simply got a new device. When you enable the Account Protection feature, you will have the ability to generate a backup recovery code.

This code is for just in case you ever lose access to your phone number and cannot retrieve the SMS verification code. You can alternatively use this backup code. We highly recommend you save this code somewhere safe.

Each backup recovery code can only be used once, though you can always generate a new backup recovery code.

NOTE: If you lose access to the number and email address registered to your SCID account and you lose the backup recovery code, you will NOT be able to recover your account.

How to Enable Account Protection

To enable your Account Protection in-game:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose ‘Supercell ID’
  3. Tap the Settings cogwheel
  4. Under ‘Account Protection’ tap ‘Activate’ and follow the on-screen instructions
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