Introducing New Troop: Druid! Clash Of Clans

Introducing New Troop: Druid! Clash Of Clans

The Druid is the very first unique new troop that starts off as a ground healer. However, after a few seconds, or if knocked out, the Druid will shapeshift into a Bear!

Healing details: Ground, Jumps.

Healing – Long-range projectile that bounces to other friendly troops nearby. The healing hits up to 5 troops but will not bounce to Siege Machines. It can target both ground and air troops, and the projectile can bounce between air and ground troops.

Bear details: Ground, slow movement speed, does not Jump, and has high HP.

Melee Attack – Melee range, targets defenses.

Only after the shapeshifted form loses all HP will the Druid be permanently knocked out.

The Druid is unlocked in Town Hall 14, requires Dark Elixir Barracks level 11, and comes with 4 levels: 2 at Town Hall 14 and 1 for Town Hall 15 and 16 each.

Attack Preparation: Tactical Overview!

  • You can now select the defender’s buildings before deploying your first troop, spell, or Hero.
  • Selecting a building will also highlight all other buildings of the same type.
    • Selecting a single Archer Tower will select and highlight all Archer Towers in the village.
    • In addition, selecting a single Hero Altar will select all Hero Altars.
  • Defensive buildings will show the range as well as their configuration if they have any. For example:
    • Inferno Towers will specify if they are set to multi or single-target.
    • Mortars will show their minimum and maximum range.
    • Builder Huts will show their healing range.
    • Spell Towers will show their spell range.
  • Selected buildings will also show their current level!
    • Resource Storage and Resource Production buildings will show the amount of loot they contain! If there are no resources that can be looted from these, they will show their level instead.
  • The Clan Castle will also show how much defending troop housing it will spawn.
  • Town Halls level 12 and higher will also show what level the Town Hall weapon is.

Hard Mode with Friends!

Are you in for a true test of the strength of your army, Chief? Hard Mode is a new opt-in, more challenging version of the Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars. This feature is still a work in progress and will be evolving over the next few updates based on feedback.

  • Players can use the check box to initiate Hard Mode when creating Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars.
  • In Hard Mode, Defenses deal +5% more damage, and attacking Heroes have -10% less HP and -15% less DPS.

Time & Cost Reductions

  • Reduced the resource upgrade costs and upgrade times for a large variety of upgrades across many Town Hall levels, including defenses, troops, spells, heroes, and pets.

Quality of Life Changes

  • If any of your Equipment Ore storage is full, the Blacksmith will display a bubble “Full!”, and will cycle thorough the icons of the Ore types that are full.
  • The Clan Castle will now start in Sleep mode rather than Guard mode when rebuilt.
  • Changed equipment’s initial target selection so it takes building size into account instead of targeting the building middle point. This reduces the likelihood of targeting the wrong building with Fireball and also affects Seeking Shield and Spiky Ball.
  • Added a reminder for obstructed defensive layout in Builder Base when attacking in case defensive layout was selected but blocked by obstacles.
  • Players can now reorder their list of Supercell ID profiles when switching between multiple accounts.
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